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Hardware wallets to take similar approach to potential Ethereum hard fork

Forked coins have proven to be lucrative in the past. Holders of Ethereum came to possess an equivalent amount of Ethereum Classic when it forked in 2016.


Solana Wallet Phantom Says $4,000,000 Hack Not Related to Vulnerabilities in Its System

Solana (SOL) wallet Phantom says that the $4 million exploit that affected over 8,000 users last week doesn’t appear to have anything to do with its infrastructure.

11 AUGUST 2022

The End Of Meta’s Crypto Wallet - Novi

Meta (formerly Facebook) is pulling the plug on its crypto payments wallet, Novi, claiming to repurpose the technology into other projects.

6 JULY 2022

Crypto Whales Suddenly Move Nearly $2,000,000,000 in Bitcoin As BTC Breaks $20,000 Level: On-Chain Data

Some of the largest holders of Bitcoin in the world moved billions of dollars worth of BTC in a flurry shortly before the flagship cryptocurrency broke below the $20,000 mark.

19 JUNE 2022

EU Vote Passed To Prevent Anonymous Transactions From Private Crypto Wallets

If passed into legislation, the EU vote will require all exchanges to report crypto transactions above $1000 from “unhosted cryptocurrency wallets”. The requirement will oblige exchanges to collect personally identifiable information.

2 APRIL 2022

Coinbase enables users to fund wallets from Chrome browser extension

It's an especially simplified process for American and Canadian Coinbase users, who can use their debit cards for transfers.

18 MARCH 2022

Coinbase Conforms To Sanctions, Blocks 25,000 ‘Illicit’ Russian Crypto Wallet Addresses

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, announced Monday that it had blocked more than 25,000 cryptocurrency wallet addresses associated with Russian persons or businesses suspected of engaging in criminal behavior.

9 MARCH 2022

A Constant Rise in Russian’ Inactive Bitcoin Wallets For The Last 18 Months

When we talk about cryptocurrency development and adoption, Russia is one of the top countries to regulate. An approximated denoting; the government can get many financial benefits from levying taxes on cryptocurrency transactions.

15 FEBRUARY 2022

$2.5B in stolen BTC from Bitfinex hack awakens

The receiving wallet address now holds more than 90,000 Bitcoin worth about $3.6 billion.


Banking Giant KB Creates Crypto, NFT & CBDC-compatible Wallets

The South Korean banking giant Kookmin Bank (KB) says it has developed new multi-coin wallets that are capable of storing non-fungible tokens (NFT) and various tokens including central bank-issued coins.

23 DECEMBER 2021

Cryptopia Liquidation: Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Didn’t Use Individual Customer Wallets

Cryptopia Liquidation: Hacked Bitcoin Exchange Didn’t Use Individual Customer Wallets

According to a statement released on its website on Wednesday (August 21, 2019), Cryptopia didn’t use individual crypto wallets. Instead, the Bitcoin exchange platform pooled customer funds into co-mingled coin wallets.

22 AUGUST 2019

The ‘Vault’ Is Back: Coder Revives Plan to Shield Bitcoin Wallets from Theft

The ‘Vault’ Is Back: Coder Revives Plan to Shield Bitcoin Wallets from Theft

What if there were a mechanism that placed a time delay whenever someone spent bitcoin? The idea has been around for a few years now, and for good reason, it’s believed it could make it much harder for bad actors to steal funds from bitcoin users.

7 AUGUST 2019

Number of Infected Electrum Bitcoin Wallets Reaches 152,000

Number of Infected Electrum Bitcoin Wallets Reaches 152,000

The number of infected Electrum bitcoin (BTC) wallets has reached 152,000 following an ongoing Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack on its servers. The development was reported by anti-malware software firm Malwarebytes in a blog post on April 29.

1 MAY 2019

New Data Shows Users ‘Overpay’ As Bitcoin Fees Lower Than Wallets Suggest

New Data Shows Users ‘Overpay’ As Bitcoin Fees Lower Than Wallets Suggest

Bitcoin users are overpaying significantly on transaction fees, new analysis warned April 4 as the cryptocurrency’s bull run sparked a surge in activity.

8 APRIL 2019

Gleb Kostarev: Exchanges To Copy Binance Experience And Launch Their Own Launchpads

Gleb Kostarev: Exchanges To Copy Binance Experience And Launch Their Own Launchpads

Gleb Kostarev, a representative of the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange in Russia and the CIS, reveals in his interview with LetKnow.News how to launch an ICO on the Binance Launchpad, what criteria the company uses in selecting the countries for launching their fiat-to-crypto platforms and about the main reasons for the creation of Binance’s DEX.

7 MARCH 2019

Coinbase Users Can Now Withdraw BSV to External Wallets

Major American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase now allows its users to withdraw Bitcoin SV (BSV) balances to external wallets, according to an announcement published on Feb. 14.

15 FEBRUARY 2019

Trezor and Gray Release Corazon Series ‘Luxury’ Hardware Wallets

On Jan. 16, hardware wallet manufacturer Satoshilabs, the creator of the Trezor line of cryptocurrency devices, announced its latest partnership with the mechanical artistry and design company Gray. The luxury designer is well known for its mobile collections like Zyra and Alter Ego and the two companies have now released a “luxury” aerospace-grade titanium hardware wallet series called Corazon.

18 JANUARY 2019

Analysis of cryptocurrency exchange wallets shows holdings are decreasing

There are currently approximately 716,000 bitcoins (4.1% of circulation), 7 million ether (6.8% of circulation) and 1.2 billion tether (63.5% of circulation) held in the publicly known wallets of crypto exchanges according to research conducted by The Block (see the table). It’s important to note that:

10 JANUARY 2019

Study: Bitcoin Whales Are Not Responsible for Volatility

A new study by blockchain research firm Chainalysis shows that Bitcoin (BTC) whales are not responsible for price volatility. The study examined the 32 largest BTC wallets, which reportedly represent 1 million BTC, or around $6.3 billion.

11 OCTOBER 2018

Cybersecurity Firm: Fortnite Gamers Targeted by Malware That Steals BTC Addresses

Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes has found that scammers are using malware that targets the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet addresses of Fortnite gamers, according to a post published October 2.

4 OCTOBER 2018

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