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Redefining Financial Services In 2019

Redefining Financial Services In 2019

When people used to ask me what I did for work, I would typically answer the question by saying I was in the financial services industry.

13 OCTOBER 2019

Expert: Wall Street does not need Bitcoin

Expert: Wall Street does not need Bitcoin

“Wall Street Institutional Investors don't Need Bitcoin,” believes Barbara Bickham, the Managing Director of Women's Innovation Fund. The expert participated in the Blockchain.UA conference and in the discussion of demand for an investment products from VanEck and SolidX.


Wall Street Doesn’t Want Private Keys So We Got Rid Of Them, Says Crypto Startup

Wall Street Doesn’t Want Private Keys So We Got Rid Of Them, Says Crypto Startup

Cryptography company Curve revealed its Institutional Digital Asset Wallet Service today, which aims to provide financial institutions and enterprises with a storage solution that makes their cryptocurrencies and digital assets instantly available — while also providing total autonomy and eliminating the need for private keys.

27 FEBRUARY 2019

JPMorgan: Large Wall Street investors are returning to the cryptocurrency market

The J.P. Morgan analyst behind a report that found major firms are losing interest in cryptocurrencies isn't ruling out renewed interest.


Wall Street Quietly Shelves Its Bitcoin Dreams

Limbo—that’s where to find Wall Street when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

24 DECEMBER 2018

The ‘Loose Theory’ that Wall Street is Manipulating Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptos To Buy Cheap

Hollywood movies are never too far removed from reality. In the case of unfair practices on Wall Street, we have seen it in legendary movies such as the 1987 classic by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen also known as Wall Street. The movie was loosely responsible for the attraction many young graduates – in the 80s and 90s – had for stock market trading. In a nutshell, the movie glorified greed.

10 DECEMBER 2018

Tom Lee Maintains $15,000 Year-End BTC Prediction Despite Market Crash

Despite the present market crash, major Wall Street crypto bull Tom Lee has reiterated his recently reduced year-end price prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) at $15,000 in an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

21 NOVEMBER 2018

Wall Street's crypto guru says pot stocks feel like bitcoin last year — so he's shorting them

Former Goldman Sachs macro trader Michael Novogratz sees a lot in common with the cannabis craze and last year's record-setting crypto gains. For that reason, he's betting against it.


Wall Street’s EF Hutton Wants to Raise $60 Mln Issuing Crypto ‘Instruments, Coins, Tokens’

U.S. stock brokerage firm EF Hutton plans to issue $60 million in various cryptocurrency instruments from January 2019, Bloomberg reported September 13.


Bitcoin prices will never go back to $20,000; claims Wall Street titan

On 8th September, Yahoo Finance’s Dion Rabouin, Rick Newman, Dan Roberts spoke about the current stance taken by financial institutions on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin still being viewed with a skeptical eye by the Wall Street titans. They also spoke about Bitcoin’s price surge and the possibility of it reaching those heady days of December 2017 once again.


Dash CEO Ryan Taylor on Why Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Need Wall Street to Grow

Dash CEO and former Wall Street executive Ryan Taylor spoke out about the recent Wall Street activity seen in the cryptocurrency space recently, with ICE establishing a bitcoin market and financialization coming in from other avenues of the traditional finance world.

12 AUGUST 2018

Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Invests in Startup That Helps Launch Crypto Exchanges

AlphaPoint Corp. has raised $15 mln in funding from digital assets merchant bank Galaxy Digital LP founded by billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, Bloomberg reported June 14. AlphaPoint Corp. is a firm which helps organizations launch crypto exchanges and tokenize assets.

15 JUNE 2018

Bitcoin Only Used for Money Laundering and Speculation: ‘Big Short’ Investor

Wall Street veteran Steve Eisman rose to fame by shorting the sub-prime mortgage market ahead of last decade’s financial crisis. Now, he’s similarly-bearish on a new asset class: cryptocurrency.

18 MAY 2018

Wall Street Journal Research Finds ‘Red Flags’ In 19% Of ICOs

The Wall Street Journal released findings from its analysis of almost 1500 initial coin offerings (ICOs) May 17, concluding 18.6% of them raised “red flags.”

17 MAY 2018

Wall Street Vet Brian Kelly Launches Blockchain ETF

Investment manager Brian Kelly is launching a new blockchain startup-based exchange-traded-fund (ETF), he announced Wednesday.

16 MAY 2018

Former JPMorgan Trader Goes Bullish: ‘Bitcoin is the Play at the Moment’

Danny Masters, a commodities trader turned CoinShares chairman, has been a bitcoin believer since 2014, having recognized early the top cryptocurrency’s use cases as both a disrupter of gold and fiat money.

13 APRIL 2018

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