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Bitcoin For A Tank — Hacker Group Offers $52,000 For Russian Troops To Surrender Their Tanks

Bombing your adversary is no longer the most effective method for winning a war. For example, this group of hackers is attempting to bargain with Russian troops fighting Ukraine by paying $52,000 in Bitcoin for a tank they give up.

3 MARCH 2022

Expert: Bitmain would not be able to sue ex-employees in Ukraine

Expert: Bitmain would not be able to sue ex-employees in Ukraine

An attempt by the mining company Bitmain to sue its former employees because of an agreement on refusal of business competition would have failed miserably if had happened in Ukraine. That’s what Anastasia Gurskaya, the lawyer "Klochkov and partners” told LetKnow,News.

24 JUNE 2019

Ukraine Completes Pilot Scheme for E-Hryvnia National Digital Currency

Ukraine Completes Pilot Scheme for E-Hryvnia National Digital Currency

Ukraine’s central bank has completed a pilot scheme for its national digital currency, the e-hryvnia, local press agency Interfax Ukraine reported on Feb. 22.

25 FEBRUARY 2019

Ukraine’s Cryptocurrency Legalization to Unfold Through 2021

While much of the world grapples with the development of crypto-related policy, Ukraine has become a first mover.

29 OCTOBER 2018

Ukraine Election Official Launches Voting Trial Using NEM's Blockchain

A member of the Ukraine Central Election Commission is investigating the use of blockchain in elections.

8 AUGUST 2018

Ukraine to host sixth international crypto event – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

On September 19, the capital of Ukraine will host a major cryptocurrency event – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. The event will be a platform allowing crypto experts to share their experience with the business audience and companies to present the latest crypto industry novelties.

7 AUGUST 2018

Ukraine Arrests Suspects Tied to Fraudulent Crypto Exchanges

Ukrainian authorities have arrested four individuals suspected of running fake cryptocurrency exchanges, the nation's federal police force announced Saturday.

19 JUNE 2018


Ukraine To Legalize Cryptocurrencies, Invites Citizens To Comment On Proposed Regulations

Ukraine is preparing draft legislation to legalize cryptocurrencies, according to a post by a member of the Ukrainian parliament, Alexei Mushak, on his Facebook page Tuesday, May 15.

16 MAY 2018


Ukraine’s Securities Commission Chief Seeks Legalization of Cryptocurrencies as Financial Instruments

The Chairman of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine has indicated the regulator favors a decision to recognize cryptocurrencies as financial instruments. Timur Khromayev thinks it’s time to take the matter to the country’s Financial Stability Council. The point of no return has been passed, he says.

10 MAY 2018

Russian-Ukrainian Cybercrime Gang Arrested In Spain, Allegedly Used BTC To Launder $1.24 Bln

The Spanish police have arrested a cybercrime gang made up of Russian and Ukrainian nationals who were allegedly involved in stealing more than $1.24 bln from financial institutions worldwide, subsequently converting their illicit gains into Bitcoin (BTC), Associated Press reports March 26.

27 MARCH 2018

Ukrainian Law May Separate Mining from Cryptocurrencies

Ukrainian legislators should separate the regulation of crypto mining from the legal status of cryptocurrencies. The new approach was proposed by the chairman of an important parliamentary committee who criticized law enforcement agencies for cracking down on crypto miners. Police confiscated mining equipment in a series of raids this week. Authorities claim that coins have been used to finance pro-Russian separatists.


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