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Facebook called before Senate panel over digital currency project
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Facebook called before Senate panel over digital currency project

Facebook Inc’s plans to create a global cryptocurrency will face scrutiny from the U.S. Senate Banking Committee on July 16, the latest sign that policymakers around the globe are casting a wary eye on the project.

20 JUNE 2019

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'The mother of all scams': Nouriel Roubini rips apart cryptocurrency in Senate hearing

Cryptocurrency critic Nouriel Roubini, the economist who’s famous for foreseeing the 2008 financial crisis, is back in the headlines again, and this time it’s because he’s dissing digital money in front of the U.S. Senate.

12 OCTOBER 2018

Republican Senate Candidate Accepts The Largest Single Bitcoin Donation in Federal Election History

Missouri Republican candidate, Austin Petersen, the former Libertarian, has received 24 bitcoin donations so far in his campaign for Senate – the largest of which, valued at $4,500, is officially the largest single Bitcoin donation ever accepted by a US politician according to the Federal Election Commission.


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