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WSJ: Automated Trading Programs Manipulate Digital Currency Prices

Automated trading programs, or bots, are manipulating digital currency prices on cryptocurrency exchanges, according to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report October 2.

3 OCTOBER 2018

WeChat Now Censoring Bitmain and Crypto Price Prediction Accounts

The WeChat messaging app is continuing its efforts to block official accounts that involve cryptocurrencies, now targeting those that distribute content for sales of bitcoin miners and cryptocurrency market analysis.


Dutch Central Bank Advisor: Bitcoin Price Changes With Google Search Activity

A policy advisor for the Netherlands’ central bank has claimed that Bitcoin price changes coincide with Google searches for the cryptocurrency, CNBC reports Friday, August 31.

31 AUGUST 2018

CoinMarketCap Says Data Glitch Boosted Its Crypto Price Numbers

A CoinMarketCap "data issue" caused significant artificial inflation of several coins listed on the platform on Friday, with some prices inflated by nearly 1000 percent.

4 AUGUST 2018

Bitcoin Price Climbs Back Above $8k to Reach 60-Day High

Bitcoin's price has climbed back above $8,000 for the first time in two months.

24 JULY 2018

Litecoin Price Spikes Above $80 on Bank Acquisition News

The price of litecoin spiked to $81 on Wednesday amid notable news for the cryptocurrency often called the silver to bitcoin's gold.

11 JULY 2018

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Gravitates Back Toward $6,000 as Recovery Stalls

The bitcoin price took a sharp turn back toward the $6,000 mark on Monday, reversing what had been a significant early-day rally for the flagship cryptocurrency.

25 JUNE 2018

Bitcoin Price May Be ‘Fear Gauge’ for Stock Market: VIX Analyst

Like all digital assets, the bitcoin price is notoriously volatile, but a surprising pattern has emerged from that volatility which may have wider ramifications for the traditional finance markets as a whole.

31 MAY 2018

Australia's Securities Watchdog Moves to Halt 'Deceptive' ICOs

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) said Tuesday that it is taking aim at fraud in the initial coin offering (ICO) market.

1 MAY 2018

Bitcoin Price Climbs to 40-Day High Above $9,200

Bitcoin's price climbed above $9,200 on Tuesday to hit a 40-day high, according to data from CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

24 APRIL 2018

Bitcoin Price Dives Below $9,700 as India Hints at Hard Line on Crypto Usage

The Bitcoin price dove below $9,700 on Thursday following reports that India may take a hard line against cryptocurrency usage to combat its use in “illegitimate” enterprises.


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