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Report: Venezuela Is Forcibly Converting Pension Balances to the Petro

Venezuela has reportedly begun converting pensioners’ monthly payments into its controversial cryptocurrency, the petro.

13 DECEMBER 2018

Maduro Orders Price of Venezuela’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ to More Than Double

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has announced that the price of the petro, his country’s national “cryptocurrency,” has been increased from 3,600 sovereign bolivars to 9,000. While the wallet for the petro is still unavailable, the Venezuelan government continues to sell the digital currency and issue certificates of purchase to buyers.


Invest in Gold and Crypto Petro, Venezuela’s President Tells Public in Fresh TV Plug

The president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro called on workers to save in gold and state-run cryptocurrency Petro during a salary shake-up he announced Thursday, October 18, local news portal Noticiero Digital reports.

19 OCTOBER 2018

Venezuelans Must Now Pay Passport Fees with the Government’s Petro Cryptocurrency

Starting next week, Venezuelans will have to pay their passport fees with the petro, the controversial state-supported cryptocurrency that is allegedly backed by oil. This was announced in a press conference on Friday, Oct. 5, by the country’s vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, ahead of the coin’s official launch in November. This follows a similar press release by President Nicolas Maduro, who stated that oil purchases will now be made with petros (PTR).

10 OCTOBER 2018

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