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The expert told what the money of the futurewill be

The expert told what the money of the futurewill be

In the future, all money will go from cash to non-cash. That’s what stated Vyacheslav Kunev, the president of the blockchain association of Moldova and member of the economic council under the president of Moldova, in an interview for LetKnow.News.

26 AUGUST 2019

IRS sends new letters to crypto holders, stating amounts they owe to the agency

IRS sends new letters to crypto holders, stating amounts they owe to the agency

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is sending out a new round of letters to cryptocurrency holders, this time listing the specific amounts of money that these letter recipients owe to the tax collector.

15 AUGUST 2019

A Post-Mortem On The ICO Bubble: At Least 89% Of ICOs Are In The Red

A Post-Mortem On The ICO Bubble: At Least 89% Of ICOs Are In The Red

It’s now clear that initial coin offerings (ICOs) were a massive bubble. The median ICO return in terms of USD is -87% and constantly dropping.

8 AUGUST 2019

Amlo goes high-tech to tackle laundering

Amlo goes high-tech to tackle laundering

Pol Maj Gen Preecha Charoensahayanon sees cryptocurrency as a new challenge of the Anti-Money Laundering Office (Amlo) under his leadership.

5 AUGUST 2019

Mafias in Italy Use Bitcoin & Cryptos for Money Laundering

Mafias in Italy Use Bitcoin & Cryptos for Money Laundering

The rate of illegal activities including money laundering through Bitcoin (BTC), is alarming in Italy and throughout Europe at large. Crypto startup Eidoo, founded by Italians, which allows users to store, convert and spend digital currencies, selected an apartment in 2017 in a building structure that was sequestered for ndrangheta in Chiasso, Switzerland, just 0.4 kilometers from the Italian border.

5 APRIL 2019

Crypto Finally Poised to Get Institutional Money, Novogratz Says

Institutional money should start to flow into cryptocurrencies within the next year, setting the stage for a rally, according to Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. founder Mike Novogratz.

16 FEBRUARY 2019

Florida Judge Overturns Ruling That Bitcoin Isn’t ‘Money’

A Florida appeals court has overturned a ruling that acquitted a Localbitcoins trader of money laundering and working as an unlicensed money transmitter.


4 South Korean Crypto Exchanges Team Up to Tackle Money Laundering

Four major cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have partnered on an initiative to combat potential money laundering, as well as schemes that might harm users.

28 JANUARY 2019

Wyoming looks determined to legalize bitcoin as money

Wyoming is introducing a bill that will put cryptocurrency like Bitcoin on the same legal footing as money. The bill will also provide a precise classification of digital assets, especially for custody administration.

21 JANUARY 2019

Single Global Currency Like BTC Faces Insurmountable Obstacles, Argues Payments Firm CEO

Scott Galit, CEO of New York-headquartered payments processing firm Payoneer, says a single global, non-fiat currency such as Bitcoin (BTC) is unrealistic. Galit made his remarks during an interview with CNBC published on Dec. 28.

28 DECEMBER 2018

UK Crypto Exchanges Pose Low Money Laundering Risk, Says Global Watchdog

Cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.K. present a “low risk” for money laundering and terrorist financing activities, according to a report published last week by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global anti-money laundering policymaker.

11 DECEMBER 2018

Galaxy Digital Leads $30 Million Funding for Social-Crypto Startup Good Money

Digital banking platform Good Money just raised $30 million in a Series A funding round to continue developing its app.

10 DECEMBER 2018

Salaries for blockchain engineers are skyrocketing, now on par with AI experts

The value of cryptocurrencies might be down in the dumps, but demand for blockchain engineers has never been higher.

23 OCTOBER 2018

Financial Action Task Force Adopts Changes to Standards Covering Virtual Currencies

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has adopted changes to its standards regarding digital currencies and firms involved into cryptocurrency-related activities, according to an announcement published Oct. 19.

20 OCTOBER 2018

Russian Startup to Create Blockchain-Based Copyright Network in Uzbek Capital

A Russian intellectual property startup has signed a memorandum with officials from Uzbek capital Tashkent to integrate blockchain for use in copyright, Russian state news agency TASS reports Tuesday, Oct. 16.

17 OCTOBER 2018

Malta PM at UN General Assembly: Crypto is the Inevitable Future of Money

At the UN General Assembly, Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated that blockchain technology will allow crypto to inevitably become the future of money.

1 OCTOBER 2018

Money or Assets? How World Governments Define Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies — what are they? Money? Commodities? Securities? Utility tokens? Or something else? Few national governments seem to be in any kind of agreement on this question, and for now, at least, their divisions have given such currencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum a floating, indeterminate status on the global stage.

6 AUGUST 2018

OKCoin Exchange Launches in US Offering Fiat-to-Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin has launched a branch in the U.S. market offering trading services between U.S. dollars and several major cryptocurrencies.

13 JULY 2018

India May Avoid Cryptocurrency Ban, Classify them as Commodities: Report

Authorities in India are likely to choose against a sweeping cryptocurrency ban and treat them as commodities, a report citing a government official has claimed.

12 JULY 2018

RoomDao – cheap blockchain booking

The RoomDao platform is a decentralized market in the tourism industry. The project helps small companies to bypass the pressure of large monopoly competitors and minimize advertising costs, while fans to travel around the world will be able to save their money.

22 JUNE 2018

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