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Meta Launches Meta Pay, a Metaverse Dedicated Digital Wallet

Meta, the metaverse-based platform, has announced the launch of a new wallet directed to support value interaction in the metaverse. Meta Pay, a rebrand of the former Facebook Pay service, will keep fulfilling the same functions that Facebook Pay did in the past, but will be developed as a universal way of paying for goods and services using digital identities in the metaverse.

27 JUNE 2022

Telegram Launches Premium Tier Benefits Seeking to Monetize Platform

Popular messaging platform Telegram has announced it is launching a new premium tier of its services as it seeks to monetize a part of its userbase. Reaching more than 700 million active users monthly, the new tier answers to the need of these users for more bandwidth and storage capacity, according to Pavel Durov, CEO of the company.

22 JUNE 2022

Is Elon Musk planning to launch a free speech social media platform?

Musk considers launching his own free speech platform, but further consideration of the matter reveals (true) free speech isn't all it's cracked up to be.

30 MARCH 2022

Japanese Software Giant Line Plans to Launch NFT Market Next Month

The Japanese social media and messenger software firm Line Corporation has announced the company is introducing a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace on April 13. Line detailed on Wednesday that the market will be called “LINE NFT” and it will showcase “more than 100 types of NFTs.”

25 MARCH 2022

Second US Congressional Hearing Is Scheduled on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

Second US Congressional Hearing Is Scheduled on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee will host a hearing on Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency next month, one day after the Senate Banking Committee holds its previously announced hearing.

25 JUNE 2019

Six Alternatives to Telegram for Cryptocurrency Communities

Telegram is great…when it works. Unfortunately, the crypto world’s favorite messaging app is prone to periodically going down due to technical failures and what seems like repeated attempts by the Russian security services to meddle. Over-reliance on Telegram is a classic case of over-centralization. For cryptocurrency projects seeking a fallback alternative, the following options are worth a look.

3 MAY 2018

Messaging Giant Line to Launch South Korean Blockchain Subsidiary

Japan-based social messaging platform Line is launching a blockchain subsidiary mere months after it announced its Line Pay service would offer cryptocurrencies, the company announced Monday.

3 APRIL 2018

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