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University of Liechtenstein, Bank Frick to Offer Comprehensive Blockchain Research Program

Bank Frick, a Balzers, Liechtenstein-based private financial institution, has announced that it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary by sponsoring a blockchain-related project - through a partnership with the University of Liechtenstein.

23 NOVEMBER 2018

Liechtenstein Bank Issues Own Crypto Stable Coin, Aims to Become ‘Blockchain Investment Bank’

Liechtenstein bank Union Bank AG announced it was issuing its own security tokens and in-house cryptocurrency backed by fiat in a press release Friday, August 17.

22 AUGUST 2018

Liechtenstein to Avoid 'Excessive' Blockchain Regulation, Says Prime Minister

Blockchain technology is driving economic transformation, and Liechtenstein wants to be in the front seat, according to the country's prime minister.

3 APRIL 2018

Liechtenstein To Support Blockchain With New Regulations

The government of Liechtenstein will introduce new legislation to regulate Blockchain business models and underlying Blockchain systems, Prime Minister Adrian Hasler announced during a speech at the Finance Forum in Vaduz, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported March 28.

29 MARCH 2018

Why Blockchain Is Booming In Liechtenstein, The Sixth Smallest Country In The World

It may be smaller than Brooklyn, but Liechtenstein is working on something pretty big. With a population of 40,000 and only a single hospital, Liechtenstein is smaller than small, but a low tax rate over the years has made it a hub for financial services – part of the reason it’s now home to more registered businesses than citizens.

10 MARCH 2018

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