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Expert: Blockchain can replace observers in elections

Expert: Blockchain can replace observers in elections

“Electronic voting is a very sensitive issue requiring trust that the blockchain can provide,” says Roman Aleshkin, the head of the blockchain project Polys from Kaspersky Lab accelerator Kaspersky Lab, in his interview for LetKnow.News.

19 AUGUST 2019


Kaspersky Lab Says Cryptojacking Cases Have Risen 400% in 2018

Did you know there have been 13 million cryptojacking incidents in 2018? Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab has released data that cryptojacking cases have gone through the roof rising 400% this year alone.

17 DECEMBER 2018

Kaspersky Lab: North Korea Hacks Cryptocurrency Exchange With ‘First’ macOS Malware

North Korean hackers have infected a cryptocurrency exchange with malware for both Windows and macOS for reportedly the first time, Russian internet security company Kaspersky Lab announced Thursday, August 23.

23 AUGUST 2018

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