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Huawei CEO Calls on China to Create a Rival to Facebook’s Libra Crypto

Huawei CEO Calls on China to Create a Rival to Facebook’s Libra Crypto

Telecommunications giant Huawei’s chief executive has said that the time is ripe for China’s government to preempt Facebook’s Libra.

28 JULY 2019

Huawei Cloud Announces Global Launch of its Blockchain Services

Huawei Cloud, the cloud services arm of Huawei Global, has announced the launch of its Blockchain Service (BCS), according to an official press release.


Swiss Electronics Supplier SIRIN Labs to Ship Its First Blockchain-Based Smartphone

Blockchain-focused electronics supplier SIRIN Labs will ship its first blockchain-based smartphone tomorrow, Nov. 29, U.S.-based IT and business tech magazine Computerworld reports today, Nov. 28.

28 NOVEMBER 2018

IBM Joins Decentralized ‘Yellow Pages’ for Blockchain Projects

IBM has joined a decentralized cross-blockchain registry initiative which it states is a Yellow Pages analogue for blockchain projects, according to an announcement September 13.


Huawei Unveils Hyperledger-Powered Blockchain Service Platform

Telecommunications and smartphone provider Huawei has become the latest tech giant in China to launch a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform.

19 APRIL 2018

China’s Telecom Giant Huawei Launches Blockchain-As-A-Service Platform

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei revealed its latest Hyperledger-fuelled Blockchain offering at a conference in Shenzhen Tuesday, April 17.

18 APRIL 2018

Huawei Seeks Patent for Blockchain Rights Management

Chinese telecoms giant and smartphone maker Huawei may be seeking to use blockchain tech to protect digital property rights.

7 MARCH 2018

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