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Monero Forks: Bulletproofs Integration Kicks off New Era of Privacy, Speed

Monero (XMR) forked successfully earlier today, and the network has seen no major hiccups so far. This release is unlike the usual ones that try to keep up with deterring ASIC miners. The release, called “Monero 0.13.0 “Beryllium Bullet,” includes a significant overhaul of the network’s protocol through the introduction of bulletproofs.

19 OCTOBER 2018

Ethereum Classic Claims Successful Blockchain Fork

Ethereum classic has removed its so-called "difficulty bomb."

30 MAY 2018

Monero Community Holds Breath as Contentious Hard Fork Activates

A hard fork of privacy-centric cryptocurrency monero executed this morning, but the success of the roll-out is still unclear.

6 APRIL 2018

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