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The Best Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU and Issues GPU miners May Concern

The Best Cryptocurrency to Mine with GPU and Issues GPU miners May Concern

In a recent livestream of F2Pool, its CMO Li Qingfei talked about the issues GPU miners concern most based on more than 2,000 surveys they collected. F2Pool, supporting 41 cryptocurrencies mining, is the world’s second largest crypto mining pool.

21 MARCH 2019

Ethereum Developers Give ‘Tentative’ Greenlight to ASIC-Blocking Code

Members of ethereum’s open-source development community tentatively agreed Friday to implement a new algorithm that would block specialized mining hardware, or ASICs, pending further testing on the proposed code.

5 JANUARY 2019

Following Crypto Mining Crash, GPU Producer Nvidia Worst Performer in S&P 500

The drastic decrease in crypto mining profitability has hit graphics processing unit (GPU) producers like Taiwan-based Nvidia hard. In Q4 2018, the firm experienced a massive sell-off of its shares, cutting the stock price by 54 percent and making it the worst performer in the S&P 500, CNBC reports on Dec. 21.

22 DECEMBER 2018

AMD: GPU Sales to Crypto Miners Was 'Negligible' in Q3

The chip manufacturer generated "negligible" revenue from blockchain-related GPU sales in the third quarter, accounting for only a "high single digit percentage" of the company's top line, AMD said Wednesday. This followed a drop in this type of revenue in the previous quarter.

25 OCTOBER 2018

As bitcoin values slide, high-end GPU prices drop, too

The price of specialized graphics processors – lapped up in recent years by cryptocurrency miners to power their rigs – are falling in tandem with a sharp drop in digital token values. The processing power of high-end gaming cards made them ideal for cryptocurrency mining rigs and they were in hot demand when Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital token prices leaped to unprecedented heightsin late 2017 and early 2018.

12 JULY 2018

Nvidia Reports First Quarter Crypto Sales, Expects Two-Thirds Drop In Second Quarter

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), an American graphics processing units (GPUs) manufacturer, has recently reported that the company generated $289 mln from processor sales to the crypto market, Bloomberg reports May 10.

11 MAY 2018

Startup Raises $3 Million to Build 'Proof-of-Space-Time' Blockchains

A cryptocurrency startup just raised $3 million in seed funding to revamp how blockchains reach consensus.

8 MAY 2018

‘No Action’: Vitalik Opposes Plan to Disable Ethereum ASICs

Vitalik Buterin is coming out against a proposal that would find the blockchain he created changing its software to limit the performance of mining hardware designed to yield a greater cut of the network's rewards.

6 APRIL 2018

Motherboard Maker ASRock Confirms Plan to Sell Crypto Miners

ASRock is planning to sell four graphics cards (GPU) specifically geared for cryptocurrency mining.

4 APRIL 2018

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