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New global cryptocurrency system set to fight money laundering

New global cryptocurrency system set to fight money laundering

A number of countries have plans to create a new system to collect and share personal data on individuals who conduct cryptocurrency transactions. The goal is to prevent funds from being laundered, going to terrorist organizations or otherwise being put to illicit use.

9 AUGUST 2019

Samsung’s ‘Digital Transformation Framework’ Includes Blockchain Tech

Samsung’s ‘Digital Transformation Framework’ Includes Blockchain Tech

At Samsung’s Real 2019 event in Seoul, Samsung SDS CEO Hong Won-pyo described the company’s plans to add blockchain tech to its entrprise IT solution packages.

9 MAY 2019

German Railway Operator Examines Deploying Blockchain to Tokenize Its Ecosystem

German railway operator Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) has partnered with blockchain integration platform Unibright to examine the possibility of tokenizing its ecosystem. A press release revealed the partnership on Tuesday, Dec. 18.

21 DECEMBER 2018

Joseph Lubin: Forget Price — Ethereum Adoption is Growing Rapidly

In virtually every area, Ethereum, the largest smart contract blockchain protocol in the world, seems to be growing at an exponential rate.


Norway Ends Power Tax Subsidy for Bitcoin Miners

The Norwegian government has scrapped a power subsidy currently granted to bitcoin miners.

22 NOVEMBER 2018

Colorado Regulators Crack Down on Four More ICOs

Colorado regulators took action against four ICOs Thursday, bringing the state's total number of cease-and-desist orders against crypto startups to 12.

10 NOVEMBER 2018

Ethereum, Parity Co-Founder Announces Blockchain Framework for a ‘Multi-Chain World’

Blockchain infrastructure firm Parity Technologies’ founder Gavin Wood demoed a live blockchain launch in just fifteen minutes at the Web3 Summit in Berlin Oct. 23, TechCrunch reports.

23 OCTOBER 2018

US Navy Launches Blockchain Research in Mission to Improve Tracking System

A U.S. Navy command is exploring the potential of blockchain technology in tracking aircraft parts.


FINRA Throws Shade on the ‘SAFT’ ICO Framework

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a Washington-based self-regulatory body, has cautioned investors to beware of ICOs touting their adoption of the SAFT (Simple Agreements for Future Tokens) framework as evidence of investment security or regulatory compliance.

20 AUGUST 2018

EU Lawmaker Wants to Include ICOs in New Crowdfunding Rules

A draft proposal by the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs suggests creating new regulations for public initial coin offerings (ICOs), according to a document published Friday.

14 AUGUST 2018

Romania Drafts Bill to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The draft, which was released by the Romanian Ministry of Finance, states that groups hoping to launch token sales must have their tax and legal records verified. Following that, each member of the issuing organization is required to be approved by the Romanian National Bank (BNR), according to Business Review.

5 JULY 2018

Quebec Halts Crypto Mining Electricity Requests Amid Huge Demand, Forms New Framework

Major Canadian electricity provider Hydro-Québec will temporarily stop processing requests from cryptocurrency miners in order for the company to fulfil its obligations to supply energy to the entire province, according to a press release published June 7.

8 JUNE 2018

Alibaba Affiliate Boosts Blockchain Tech In $14 Billion New Funding

Ant Financial, the payment affiliate of Chinese internet giant Alibaba, announced on Friday it has raised $14 billion in a Series C round funding, which will be used to double down on its development of blockchain technology.

8 JUNE 2018

St. Louis Fed President on Crypto: 'Currency Competition Is Nothing New'

James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, said Monday that cryptocurrencies "are creating drift toward a non-uniform currency in the U.S."

14 MAY 2018

France’s Finance Minister Plans ICO Regulations in Bid to Attract Crypto Startups

According to a recently published opinion piece, France’s finance minister Bruno Le Maire revealed that the country plans on creating a legal framework for initial coin offerings (ICOs) in a bid to become a leading ICO hub.

27 MARCH 2018

Abu Dhabi Markets Watchdog Mulls Crypto Exchange Regulations

Abu Dhabi's markets regulator is considering drawing up a supervisory framework for cryptocurrency exchange operations.

12 FEBRUARY 2018

Gibraltar's Government Is Moving to Regulate ICOs

Officials in Gibraltar are reportedly weighing rules for initial coin offerings (ICOs), a move that follows a bid to develop a licensure framework for companies working with the tech.

12 FEBRUARY 2018

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