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Expert: Blockchain can replace observers in elections

Expert: Blockchain can replace observers in elections

“Electronic voting is a very sensitive issue requiring trust that the blockchain can provide,” says Roman Aleshkin, the head of the blockchain project Polys from Kaspersky Lab accelerator Kaspersky Lab, in his interview for LetKnow.News.

19 AUGUST 2019

Kaja Kallas to be appointed prime minister of Estonia
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Blockchain-Friendly Estonia to Appoint its First Female Prime Minister

Estonia’s liberal Reform party won Sunday’s general election with 28.8% of the vote, its best result ever. The party is led by Kaja Kallas, former MEP, set to be Estonia’s first female prime minister. This means the country will soon be lead by women - Estonia also elected their first female president Kersti Kaljulaid in 2016.

4 MARCH 2019

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US Election Sees Crypto-Friendly Politicians Win Governor Races

The U.S. 2018 midterm elections saw crypto-friendly lawmakers securing governorships in three states, while maintaining two others.


Blockchain and Elections: The Japanese, Swiss and American Experience

Free and fair elections are one of the pillars of healthy democracies. From the United States to Sierra Leone, advocates of blockchain believe that the technology can bring a new level of transparency, fairness and efficiency to the electoral process. In spite of the enthusiasm of the blockchain community — and tentative support from political bodies — attempts to implement the technology have enjoyed mixed success and have faced impassioned criticism.


Kenya Elections Agency to Adopt Blockchain for Vote Transparency

Kenya’s electoral agency intends to use blockchain technology to offer real-time results, as part of reform efforts to enhance the integrity of voting.

21 AUGUST 2018

West Virginia to Offer Blockchain Voting for This Year’s Midterm Elections

West Virginia is rolling out a blockchain based mobile voting app so American troops overseas can cast their votes in the upcoming elections, CNN reports.

8 AUGUST 2018

Ukraine Election Official Launches Voting Trial Using NEM's Blockchain

A member of the Ukraine Central Election Commission is investigating the use of blockchain in elections.

8 AUGUST 2018

Blockchain For Elections: Advantages, Cases, Challenges

The list of potential uses for blockchain technology span many different sectors with the belief being that almost every facet of life, from finance, technology, economics and sociology, can be disrupted by this decentralized force.

18 MAY 2018

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