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Italy’s Senate Moves to Set Legal Foundation for Blockchain Timestamps

The Italian government could soon amend regulations to allow legalized blockchain timestamping and validation of digital documents.

26 JANUARY 2019

US Government Interested in Tracking Privacy Coins, New Document Shows

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to know if tracking transactions conducted using privacy coins is feasible.


Crypto Exchange Huobi Acquires Public Firm for $70 Million

Crypto exchange Huobi has become the largest shareholder of a public firm listed in Hong Kong, inching a step closer to a possible back-door listing.

30 AUGUST 2018

US Judge Says Boxer-Backed ICO Token Is a Security

A Florida district court has published an analysis explaining how a crypto token is a security.

28 JUNE 2018

Colorado's Politicians Could Soon Accept Crypto Contributions

The state of Colorado could soon allow political committees to accept contributions in cryptocurrency.

22 MAY 2018

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