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    Coinbase Pro to Add Support for DASH Trading

    Coinbase Pro to Add Support for DASH Trading

    United States-based major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that its professional trading platform Coinbase Pro will launch support for DASH token next week.

    14 SEPTEMBER 2019

    MyDashWallet Was Compromised For 2 Months — Users, Move Your Cryptocurrency

    MyDashWallet Was Compromised For 2 Months — Users, Move Your Cryptocurrency

    MyDashWallet, a service that purports to be the fastest way of using DASH cryptocurrency, has revealed its platform was compromised for two whole months, and is now urging users to move their funds as soon as possible (if they’re still there).

    16 JULY 2019

    Dash CEO claims "Bitcoin (BTC) won't survive long-term"

    Dash CEO claims "Bitcoin (BTC) won't survive long-term"

    Dash CEO Ryan Taylor recently gave an interview to online crypto magazine Breaker. He discussed the increasing importance of DASH to the Venezuelan economy, and also explained his "hypothesis", that "Bitcoin won't survive long-term".

    22 MARCH 2019

    Dash Cryptocurrency: Single Wallet Owner Possesses 51% of Hashrate

    The NicheHash crypto mining marketplace contains the majority of the hashpower on the Dash network. A concerned Reddit user raised the alarm today.

    10 JANUARY 2019

    About 300 Businesses in Columbia Adopts Dash Cryptocurrency Over Dollar

    The use of cryptocurrencies is fast growing across the world, and that can be said about the digital asset, Dash (DASH). This is because it has seen a 25 per cent increase in adoption where over 300 merchants in Columbia have resorted to using it as a method of payment. As a result, this makes it an alternative to the dollar and other fiats that may have been received in these locations.

    6 JANUARY 2019

    Dash Aids Venezuelan Adoption As 66,000 KRIP Phones Sold in 4 Months

    Dash has recorded yet another adoption milestone driven by special circumstances in Venezuela, with the sale of more than 66,000 KRIP mobile phones that are designed with special cryptocurrency enhancements optimised for the Dash ecosystem. According to the company, from launch in August 2018 to present, the vast majority of the devices have been sold in Venezuela, making it by far the world’s biggest market for the cryptocurrency-enabled phones.

    20 DECEMBER 2018

    Dash Price Climbs 13% as Tether Boosts Volume & Payment Service Launches

    Dash on Sunday surged as much as 13 percent against the US Dollar as supposed stablecoin tether (USDT) lost over 4 percent of its value.

    5 NOVEMBER 2018

    ETH, LTC, DASH and NEO Just Erased Their 2018 Price Gains

    Alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) have begun to feel the crypto winter as major names start dropping below previous year-on-year price levels.

    30 OCTOBER 2018

    Kenyans Pay Local Restaurant Bitcoin for Meals and Classes on Cryptocurrency

    Mount Kenya provides visitors with a picturesque appeal reminiscent of the ambiance in a world of utopia. Beyond the charm and aura lies a tech-savvy Kenyan restaurant that has incorporated cryptocurrencies for facilitating payment.

    25 OCTOBER 2018

    Stellar Lumens and Dash to be supported on BitGo blockchain security platform

    Recently, California-based blockchain security company, BitGo announced their support for two major players in the cryptocurrency market, Dash and Stellar Lumens.

    8 OCTOBER 2018

    Dash Text SMS Wallet Launches in Venezuela Enabling Transactions Without Internet

    Dash Text, a wallet service enabling Dash transactions via SMS message, has launched its public beta in Venezuela.

    20 SEPTEMBER 2018

    Blocks Above 0.9MB Uneconomical for Dash Crypto Miners, Study Finds

    Earlier in the year cryptocurrency Dash and the Blockchain Research Lab of Arizona State University announced a US$350,000 partnership. Now, out of a study conducted under the partnership, a report dubbed ‘Block Propagation Applied to Nakamoto Network’ has been released highlighting the scaling challenges as well as the potential opportunities for the Dash blockchain.

    25 AUGUST 2018

    Dash CEO Ryan Taylor on Why Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Need Wall Street to Grow

    Dash CEO and former Wall Street executive Ryan Taylor spoke out about the recent Wall Street activity seen in the cryptocurrency space recently, with ICE establishing a bitcoin market and financialization coming in from other avenues of the traditional finance world.

    12 AUGUST 2018

    Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor Hacked, Twitter Account Hijacked by 4chan Trolls

    Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor had a nasty surprise yesterday when his social media accounts and cellphone were hacked by “cybercriminals”, who gleefully ran amok with his Twitter account in particular by posting vulgar and racist comments and harrassing Justin Sun of Tron.

    11 MAY 2018

    How Australia Is Becoming A Cryptocurrency Continent: Markets, Regulations And Plans

    The very nature of cryptocurrencies dictate that regulation, control, and by extension, a centralized system, do not fit in with what they stand for. They are supposed to be totally decentralized, and therefore not dictated by many rules.

    17 APRIL 2018

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