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    Ethereum Long Positions Skyrocket as Constantinople Nears

    Over the past month Ethereum (ETH) has seen some overwhelmingly positive price action, surging from lows of $104 to highs of over $150. Part of this price surge may be due to its upcoming Constantinople hard fork, which will offer the crypto multiple enhancements and will reduce its future inflation rates, which will likely be positive for the cryptocurrency in the long-term.

    24 FEBRUARY 2019

    Ethereum’s New Supply Drops by 25%

    Ethereum’s daily block rewards are down by circa 25% as the difficulty bomb kicks in to bring a mini ice-age for miners until the end of February.

    29 JANUARY 2019

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    Ethereum Team Lead: Constantinople Hard Fork to Activate in Late February

    Core developers of Ethereum (ETH) have postponed the activation of the Constantinople hard fork until late February. The upgrade is now set to be implemented at ETH block 7,280,000, as announced by a team lead at Ethereum, Peter Szilagyi, in a tweet Jan. 18.

    19 JANUARY 2019

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    Ethereum’s Constantinople Upgrade Faces Delay Due to Security Vulnerability

    Ethereum’s long-anticipated Constantinople upgrade has just been delayed after a critical vulnerability was discovered in one of the planned changes.

    16 JANUARY 2019

    Coinbase, Kraken Join Major Exchanges Supporting Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

    Major United States cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Kraken became the latest to confirm support for Ethereum’s (ETH) Constantinople hard fork, both announcing on Twitter, Jan. 14.

    15 JANUARY 2019

    Ethereum’s Geth Software Upgrades Ahead of January Hard Fork

    The most-used ethereum software client has published code that includes an activation time for Constantinople, a proposed upgrade that, if enacted by users, would bring additional features and enhancements to the network.

    13 DECEMBER 2018

    Block 7,080,000: Ethereum Devs Propose Activation Point for Next Hard Fork

    Members of ethereum’s open-source development team have reached agreement on an activation time for Constantinople, a proposed code change designed to give users the option to update the blockchain with additional features.

    8 DECEMBER 2018

    Ethereum Sets Tentative January Goal for Next Blockchain Upgrade

    Developers are eyeing January 16th as the date on which Constantinople, ethereum's upcoming network hard fork, could launch.

    10 NOVEMBER 2018

    Testing for Ethereum's Upcoming Hard Fork Is Being Delayed

    Ethereum core developers announced a delay in plans to launch Constantinople, Ethereum's upcoming system-wide upgrade, on the test network Ropsten on Thursday.

    4 OCTOBER 2018

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