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Cisco, SingularityNET to Decentralize Artificial Intelligence via Blockchain

Cisco, SingularityNET to Decentralize Artificial Intelligence via Blockchain

Artificial General Intelligence is a branch of AI that focuses on a computer’s ability to learn intellectual tasks. Whereas existing AI might learn to read characters on a page, for example, a true AGI system might intuit how to write the book.


Bitmain's Latest Bitcoin Miner Update Activates Controversial 'AsicBoost'

Bitcoin mining computer manufacturer Bitmain has released a software update for its Antminer s9 devices, using controversial code to allow them to more efficiently mine bitcoin.

22 OCTOBER 2018

Blockchain and Elections: The Japanese, Swiss and American Experience

Free and fair elections are one of the pillars of healthy democracies. From the United States to Sierra Leone, advocates of blockchain believe that the technology can bring a new level of transparency, fairness and efficiency to the electoral process. In spite of the enthusiasm of the blockchain community — and tentative support from political bodies — attempts to implement the technology have enjoyed mixed success and have faced impassioned criticism.


$102 Million: A16z, Polychain Back Blockchain Project Dfinity's Funding Round

Decentralized cloud startup Dfinity just raised $102 million to further its work in developing an "internet computer," TechCrunch reported Wednesday.

29 AUGUST 2018

Norway council may shut down noisy bitcoin miner

Norwegian bitcoin miner Kryptovault may have to shut down its operation at a former paper mill north of Oslo after locals complained about the noise.

23 AUGUST 2018

1 Million Computers Hacked to Mine $2 Million-Worth of Cryptos

Cryptocurrency mining malware that infected over a million computers in China reportedly earned its creators more than $2 million over two years.

9 JULY 2018

Internet Cafes Hacked to Mine $800,000 in Siacoin Cryptocurrency

A group of hackers has allegedly colluded with computer maintenance firms in China to hack into computers owned by internet cafes to mine cryptocurrency.

19 JUNE 2018

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