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The Singapore Effect

In the world of Crypto, GameFi, and the METAVERSE, we think in terms of a global industry, which of course it is, although you will be very interested to learn that there is one country dominating when it comes to leading Crypto projects and indeed the individuals behind those projects.

30 NOVEMBER 2021

Facebook’s centralized metaverse a threat to the decentralized ecosystem?

Facebook’s metaverse plans have caused discomfort in the crypto community, but there’s every reason to believe in a decentralized future for metaverses.

30 NOVEMBER 2021

YouTube Crypto Scams On The Rise As Victims Lose Millions

Crypto scams have been on the rise with the bull rally but scammers have found another medium to perpetuate their scams. YouTube has always been an effective marketing and influencing tool in the space, which is why it is sometimes a prime target for scammers. This time around, scammers have found another way to separate victims from their money and that is through compromised YouTube videos.

27 NOVEMBER 2021

Jack Dorsey’s TBD Is Building A Bridge Between Fiat and Crypto with Decentralized

The whitepaper of social media giant Twitter and payment processor Square CEO Jack Dorsey’s decentralized Bitcoin exchange has been published.

23 NOVEMBER 2021

NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review

NFTs have found another month this year where Google searches hit an all-time high. The Macy’s parade will come with a non-fungible friend. And Phil Spencer at Xbox shares his thoughts on NFTs. It’s just another week of non-fungible news.

21 NOVEMBER 2021

London assembly member calls for ban on crypto ads in trains and buses

The lawmaker said that she wasn’t specifically targeting memecoin Floki Inu in the push for this crackdown, but rather as one of three current crypto advertising campaigns on London's public transport.

16 NOVEMBER 2021

Brave to integrate with Solana blockchain on its privacy-enabled browser

More than 42 million Brave users will soon be able to access Solana dApps within Brave.


Major Thai Bank SCB Acquires 51% Stake in Cryptocurrency Exchange

Siam Commercial Bank, one of the largest banks in Thailand, is acquiring a 51% stake in a cryptocurrency exchange. The acquisition will help the bank “create new growth value in the long term amid a new financial world,” said the CEO of the bank.


Australia's Commonwealth Bank Lets Customers Trade Crypto Directly Through Its App

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the country’s biggest bank, is providing customers with the ability to buy, sell, and hold crypto assets directly through its app. The bank has partnered with crypto exchange Gemini and blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to provide crypto services.


US senator submits resolution to allow crypto payments in Capitol Complex

The proposal, called the ACCEPT Resolution, would apply to gift shops, vending machines and restaurants.


Amazon Web Services Looks to Drive Crypto Settlement and Custody to the Cloud

The right candidate will transform the way firms transact in crypto, stablecoins, CBDCs and NFTs, said an AWS job post.

31 OCTOBER 2021

Blockchain technology can make micropayments finally functional

As the use of digital wallets and cryptocurrencies becomes more abundant, new use cases for micropayments will be further explored and developed.

30 OCTOBER 2021

LinkedIn reports crypto and blockchain job listings have surged 615% since August 2020

The team said that financial services firms were expected to hire more than three times as many staff with experience in digital assets than in 2015.

30 OCTOBER 2021

More than 40 digital currency ETFs await US regulatory approval

Competitors are quickly following suit after the first U.S.-based Bitcoin ETF debuted earlier this month.

29 OCTOBER 2021

10 top distributed apps (dApps) for blockchain

10 top distributed apps (dApps) for blockchain

Imagine an application that doesn’t run on one server but harnesses the excess power of thousands of computers globally and that can be controlled by business automation software that ensures if a specific parameter is met, only then can a function be carried out.

8 MAY 2020

5 Industries That Get the Most out of Adopting Blockchain Right Now

5 Industries That Get the Most out of Adopting Blockchain Right Now

When Bitcoin arrived in 2009, people were fascinated by the concept of cryptocurrencies and the brave new world they seemed to herald. However, it soon became apparent that digital coins were not a universal favorite: their success has been mixed, and mainstream adoption remains elusive.

27 JANUARY 2020

Top Blockchain Layer 2 Solutions For dApps In 2020

Top Blockchain Layer 2 Solutions For dApps In 2020

The scalability problem within blockchain has seen the rise of layer 2 solutions that seek to solve a variety of scalability issues that exist within layer 1 blockchain platforms today. Take the payments area as an example, today it’s clear that if decentralized blockchain platforms are to compete against their centralized peers like Visa and PayPal, they need to work on increasing the number of transactions per second (TPS) they can handle.

26 JANUARY 2020

The 5 Biggest Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

The 5 Biggest Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Trends Everyone Should Be Watching In 2020

While it’s true that the media hype over blockchain, bitcoins, and distributed ledgers has died down, organizations continued to invest in research, development, and deployment of these technologies throughout 2019. This year will almost certainly be no different - Gartner analysts have once again highlighted blockchain as one of their top 10 technology trends for the coming year.

25 JANUARY 2020

Ex-CFTC Chairman to Promote Blockchain-Based USD in New Think Tank

Ex-CFTC Chairman to Promote Blockchain-Based USD in New Think Tank

J. Christopher Giancarlo, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), plans to promote the blockchain-based United States dollar with a new think tank.

17 JANUARY 2020

How blockchain copyright protection will thwart pirates

How blockchain copyright protection will thwart pirates

Blockchain could help streamline and modernize copyright processes, protecting artists from pirates. Here’s a look at how and who’s behind it.

15 JANUARY 2020

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