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Google Launches Blockchain Node Engine, Says 'Ethereum Will Be the First Blockchain Supported'

After revealing Alphabet Inc.’s Google Cloud partnership with Coinbase, the multinational technology conglomerate holding company has announced the firm’s “Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine.” While more blockchains will be supported, Google said that “Ethereum will be the first blockchain supported by Blockchain Node Engine.”

28 OCTOBER 2022

How Blockchain Technology Unlocks Liquidity for Real-World Assets

Blockchain stands at the forefront of disruptive technologies. Its transparency, security, and cost-efficiency have benefited many industries like supply chain and payments in taking the next quantum leap.

16 AUGUST 2022

Jack Dorsey-led Block posts $1.5B in Q2 profits, BTC revenue down

Block Inc. posted $1.47B worth of profit in Q2 but BTC trading services profit only accounted for $41 million of that figure, with the firm citing price volatility and a lack of consumer demand.

5 AUGUST 2022

Israel, Hong Kong enter partnership to test new CBDC against cyber risks

The exposure-free retail CBDC the Bank of Israel and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority plan to test is assumed to carry less financial risk for consumers, Bloomberg News reported.

17 JUNE 2022

Unguided Bitcoin, Ethereum in Ropsten, Open PayPal, Litecoin Delisting, Friendly Senators and 20 Crypto Jokes

Another cryptoweek is behind us. Let’s recap! Bitcoin ended its record-long losing streak and BTC inflows grew while ethereum saw outflows, BTC’s historical performance is no guide for the future in 2022, Ethereum’s Ropsten testnet finally merged, while Vitalik Buterin asked the community what they disagree on with him, Justin Sun's Tron revealed more details about the USDD backing in a move to distance the stablecoin from UST, and BNB extended losses following new regulatory scrutiny and media investigation of Binance. Indian Terra investors braced for another blow after LUNA 2.0 airdrop under the new tax laws, the new LUNA fell almost 90% from its ATH, and some ApeCoin whales voted against the proposal to stay on Ethereum, but the (narrow) majority still voted to stay. While many dismissed the idea that Bitcoin Lightning Network could support DeFi apps and NFTs, the community said that a paper that claims Bitcoin's early success relied on centralization said ‘nothing new at all’. We also learned that blockchain gaming is the category within crypto that resisted the industry downturn the most.

11 JUNE 2022

Binance to drive crypto and blockchain awareness among Indian investors

Binance also highlighted that Indian regulators and policymakers cite the lack of education as an area of concern, hindering crypto’s widespread adoption in the region.

30 APRIL 2022

$27K 'max pain' Bitcoin price is ultimate buy-the-dip opportunity, says research

It may not happen, but a crash to $27,000 would be the chance for many investors to "go all in" on BTC.

28 APRIL 2022

Exclusive: How the Ukrainian Crypto Fundraising Started, How It's Going, and What's Next

Prior to the war, the Ukrainian government had been carefully crafting a light-touch regulatory framework aimed at promoting and fostering the crypto sector.

8 APRIL 2022

The evolution of blockchain: Transactions, contracts and applications

1. What is the blockchain? Blockchain technology is a cryptographic chain of peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain transactions are stored in a trustless manner, thanks to decentralized nodes that validate and commit them.

5 APRIL 2022

Crypto Corner: The Sports Slice

It was a busy, but mild week in sports and crypto engagement – with Socios and it’s subsidiary Chiliz dominating the headlines with major news. Meanwhile, NFTs continued to carry the dialogue as a new marketplace, RareMint, swiftly sold out of Lou Gehrig and Michael Jordan collections, and Fanatics signing a new deal with NFTs at the forefront.

4 APRIL 2022

Turkey goes all-in on the metaverse, but is the public ready?

At Turkey's Forum Metaverse, President Erdoğan and the Minister of Education announced the plan to implement the metaverse into the education system.

29 MARCH 2022

Volvo's parent company establishes blockchain joint venture headquarters in Wuxi, China

Geely Holding sold over 2.2 million vehicles in 2021, including 698,693 Volvo cars.

23 MARCH 2022

NFTs will empower musicians to take back control

2021 was a breakthrough year for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), with the sale of crypto assets totalling US$24.9 billion, up from US$94.9 million in 2020.

22 MARCH 2022

Amid conflict, NFT projects already seek to rebuild Ukraine

Ukraine is raising funds using NFTs, showcasing the decentralized, trustless nature of blockchain technology at its best.

22 MARCH 2022

Cardano Founder Wants To Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth, How Does Blockchain Fit In?

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has shown interest in helping bring back the woolly mammoth by participating in an investment round that was just concluded. Hoskinson who was co-founder of Ethereum and later founded his own blockchain Cardano was one of the multiple investors that participated in an investment round in Colossal, to help them bring the extinct species back to life.

17 MARCH 2022

Visa Is Expanding Its Crypto Strategy And Is Hiring Graduates To Help With This

Visa has a number of crypto products and services that it now offers to its customers. A new job posting by the payments platform indicates that Visa is now seeking to further grow this area of their business.

16 MARCH 2022

Analysts Debate Economic Fallout Odds From Russia’s Invasion, Historian Says World May Face Worst Energy Crisis Since the 1970s

While Russia’s Ukraine invasion has been at the forefront of people’s minds, a global recession and the possibility of an energy crisis have been thrown into the conversation. Reports concerning the U.S. economy note that risks of an economic recession are climbing, and energy market historian Daniel Yergin thinks the current warfare in Ukraine could spark major energy issues like the 1970s oil crisis.

5 MARCH 2022

Binance back in Malaysia via a strategic stake in regulated digital exchange

Binance has forged an array of new partnerships with regulated firms, especially in countries where it has found it difficult to get regulatory approval.

3 MARCH 2022

South Korean Court Rejects Challenge to Strict Crypto, NFT Gaming Law

South Korea’s Constitutional Court. Source: AdobeStock / robepco South Korea’s Constitutional Court has upheld a law that blocks gamers from buying and selling crypto and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – and seeks to punish those trading video game-related coins and items.

3 MARCH 2022

Nifty News: One NFT per human in existence and the Pixelmon controversy

A Dutch artist has made a collection of NFTs numbered up to 7.9 billion — the same amount of people in the world — as a social experiment.

2 MARCH 2022

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