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This section if fully dedicated to the latest news on Bitcoin (BTC). Our editorial team surfs the web to find the most important Bitcoin news and deliver it to you on a daily basis. Check out our complete collection of articles on Bitcoin (BTC) and subscribe to our Telegram channel to stay in touch with the latest cryptocurrency news.

Top Crypto Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Turnaround After the Second-Longest BTC Bear Market – Here’s the Timeline

Widely followed cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen is expressing a bullish outlook for Bitcoin (BTC) over the coming months.

15 DECEMBER 2022

European Central Bank blasts Bitcoin —community responds

After the European Central Bank released a blog post on the shortcomings of Bitcoin, the crypto community on Twitter took to the comments to defend the cryptocurrency.

30 NOVEMBER 2022

Billionaire Tim Draper Calls One Bitcoin Metric Extraordinary, Says ‘Great Things’ Coming for BTC

Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper is confident that global Bitcoin (BTC) adoption is proceeding extremely well.


Bitcoin’s Hashrate Remains Stronger Than Ever in the Face of Crypto Winter Prices and Sky High Difficulty

Despite the fact that bitcoin miners are getting bare minimums in profits per petahash per second (PH/s), and the myriad of headlines showing specific mining operations folding from the crypto winter, the network’s total hashrate continues to chug along at close to 300 exahash per second (EH/s). With lower bitcoin prices and the mining difficulty at an all-time high, the current trends have not pushed bitcoin miners back in the least. Meanwhile, the next difficulty retarget scheduled to occur on or around October 23, shows another increase will take place.

22 OCTOBER 2022

Research: Bitcoin held on exchanges reaches its lowest since 4 years

Coinbase has emerged as the preferred exchange to buy and hold Bitcoins, while Ethereum reserves on exchanges have been increasing since June.

19 OCTOBER 2022

What is Bitcoin hash rate and why does it matter?

1. What is Bitcoin’s hash rate? The amount of processing and computing power being given to the network through mining is referred to as Bitcoin’s hash rate. A fixed-length alphanumeric code representing any length of words, messages, or data is called a “hash.”

15 OCTOBER 2022

Here’s What Could Trigger the Next Parabolic Bitcoin (BTC) Rally, According to Quant Analyst

A widely followed quant analyst is revealing what he believes could be the catalyst that sparks the next parabolic rally for Bitcoin (BTC).

9 OCTOBER 2022

Bitcoin Holders Withdraw Over $683,000,000 in BTC in Just One Day, Signaling Confidence: Analytics Firm

A leading analytics firm says Bitcoin (BTC) holders have pulled tens of thousands worth of BTC from crypto exchanges in just one day.

4 OCTOBER 2022

Bitcoin Unlikely To Massively Breakout in 2022, Says Crypto Asset Manager CoinShares

Digital asset manager CoinShares says Bitcoin (BTC) is not likely to see a big impulse to the upside for at least the remainder of this year.


Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Old Supply On The Move Again

On-chain data shows some old Bitcoin supply has recently been moved into exchanges, something that could be bearish for the crypto’s price.


Bitcoin Could Nuke if One Critical Support Level Crumbles, Says Top Crypto Strategist

A popular crypto analyst is outlining what level Bitcoin (BTC) needs to hold in order to avoid plunging further in price.


Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) Could Repeat Gold’s Rallies of the 1970s – But There’s a Catch

A widely followed crypto analyst says that top digital asset Bitcoin (BTC) could follow in the historical footsteps of gold and spark a massive rally.

28 AUGUST 2022

Analyst Who Nailed May 2021 Bitcoin Crash Says BTC Looks Bullish With Plenty of Wiggle Room Despite Pullback

The crypto strategist who accurately called Bitcoin’s 2021 collapse says BTC remains bullish despite correcting over 15% in about a week.

21 AUGUST 2022

Countries where Bitcoin (BTC) is legal

1. What does it mean to use Bitcoin as legal tender?

14 AUGUST 2022

3 trends that will shape the future of Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is a dynamically-changing industry that's growing in scale and operational knowledge. Here are three of the biggest trends we are seeing today.

13 AUGUST 2022

Nayib Bukele Attributes Tourism Recovery in El Salvador to Bitcoin, Surf, and Crime Reduction

Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, declared that the speedy recovery of tourism in the country had to do with three elements, including surfing, bitcoin, and overall crime reduction. El Salvador was one of the 15 countries that managed to take their tourism incomes to pre-pandemic numbers according to data from the World Tourism Organization.

8 AUGUST 2022

Fidelity Macro Expert Says Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Now ‘Impenetrable’ Markets – Here’s What It Means

Fidelity’s lead macro strategist Jurrien Timmer says that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have reached a point where they are likely impervious to competition.

1 AUGUST 2022

Most Bitcoin Use Happens During European and US Business Hours

Most of the activity on the Bitcoin (BTC) network now happens during European and US business hours, with a notable drop in the share of activity happening during Asian hours, a new report from the crypto analytics firm Coin Metrics has found.

29 JULY 2022

Crypto market regains $1 trillion as Bitcoin nears $24,000

Less than 24 hours after breaking through the $23,000 resistance, Bitcoin rallies help total crypto market cap to pass $1T

29 JULY 2022

Trader Who Called May 2021 Bitcoin Crash Says BTC Flashing Strong Bottom Signals, Predicts Short-Term Rally

The analyst who called the May 2021 Bitcoin (BTC) collapse and the double top pattern at $69,000 now thinks BTC’s chart looks optimistic.

26 JULY 2022

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