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Solar-Powered Crypto Farm in Australia to Prove Bitcoin Mining Can Be Green

A crypto mining data center in the state of South Australia will be running mainly on solar-generated electricity, a media report reveals. The coin minting facility has been set up in a region known for its energy-hungry iron ore extraction and steel production.



Total value locked in DeFi dropped by 66%, but multiple metrics reflect steady growth

Decentralized finance TVL is down by 66%, but growth in DEX aggregators, active addresses and steady fund raises show “DeFi winter” is not upon us.

10 AUGUST 2022


NFT communities greenlight Web3 films: A decentralized future for fans and Hollywood

“Filmmakers can decide together with their community how the power of owning the IP, and the ownership of the film, is going to be used both financially and strategically.”

3 AUGUST 2022


Hong Kong University To Build World’s First Metaverse School

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announced Friday its intention to build the world’s first physical digital twin school buildings in the virtual realm, as HKUST joins the bandwagon of the next digital wave to improve learning experiences at its two campuses in Hong Kong and the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

31 JULY 2022


How NFTs can boost fan engagement in the sports industry

A look at the many ways in which nonfungible tokens are being utilized to increase fan engagement in the sports sector.

30 JULY 2022


Alphabet, Microsoft and Now Meta Release Disappointing Quarterly Earnings

Meta joined Alphabet and Microsoft in releasing disappointing quarterly financials, following the company’s Q2 earnings call. In a week of a disappointment for mega-cap stocks, the trio has all missed revenue and earnings expectations, with Meta seeing its first quarterly sales decline ever recorded.

29 JULY 2022


NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review

GameStop’s new NFT marketplace has done better numbers in less than a week than Coinbase’s NFT marketplace has done to date, KIA is the latest car manufacturer to explore NFTs, and Snapchat joins the growing ranks of social media platforms that are seeking NFT integration in some capacity.

18 JULY 2022


NFT Marketplaces Thrives As DeFi Protocols Suffer

A number of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and their communities are vying for protection from a wave of liquidations as a result of the record-breaking collapse in cryptocurrencies, sometimes by taking unheard-of actions.

16 JULY 2022


Spain to Offer Grants for Metaverse Companies

The government of Spain has announced it will issue a series of grants and aid for metaverse-related developments. The individuals and companies interested in receiving these grants will have to be based in the European Union or Spain and present a plan, and meet a series of requirements, to be considered. The first batch of grants will be dedicated to the gaming and entertainment sector.

12 JULY 2022


Twitter To Pursue Legal Battle After Musk Terminates $44 Billion Deal

Bret Taylor, the chairman of Twitter, announced that he intends to sue Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla – one of the richest men in the world – in order to enforce the merger deal.

10 JULY 2022


Shock And Awe: Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Reaches New ATH

The adoption of the bitcoin lightning network has been on the rise for a while now. This was especially pronounced during the multiple bull rallies of 2021. It triggered an accelerated rate of adoption. Thus leading to network congestion due to all of the new users moving in. Naturally, transaction fees had risen while confirmation times had slowed. The lightning network preferred a solution to this by not being only faster but cheaper at the same time.

9 JUNE 2022


Content creators introducing a new paradigm with NFTs

Artists and content creators are expanding the creator economy past the $100 billion mark by taking control of their brands through NFTs.

12 APRIL 2022


Bitcoin To Power The Future, How Block, Tesla, And Blockstream Will Build Mining Facility

Per a press release, Blockstream and Block will build a Bitcoin mining facility powered 100% by renewable energy. The BTC mining operation will use Tesla Solar panels that will provide 3.8 Megawatt (MW) and the Tesla Megapack batteries that will provide 12 Megawatt/hours (MWh) of power.

11 APRIL 2022


Elon Musk Promises to Make 'Significant Improvements' to Twitter — Calls Crypto Spam Bots 'Single Most Annoying Problem'

Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk has joined Twitter’s board of directors and promised to “make significant improvements” to the social media platform. Some changes he is considering include adding an edit button and solving the crypto spam bot problem, which he sees as the “single most annoying problem on Twitter.”

6 APRIL 2022


Corporate America flocks to the metaverse with a combined $1T valuation

Brands across all verticals are scrambling to ensure they do not miss out on metaverse opportunities. From McDonald's to Victoria's Secret the metaverse is going to be well fed and well dressed.

6 APRIL 2022


The evolution of blockchain: Transactions, contracts and applications

1. What is the blockchain? Blockchain technology is a cryptographic chain of peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain transactions are stored in a trustless manner, thanks to decentralized nodes that validate and commit them.

5 APRIL 2022


The Metaverse Doesn’t Look as Disruptive as It Should, It Looks Ordinary

Virtual real estate is booming. In December 2021, one buyer spent USD 450,000 on a plot of land in rapper Snoop Dogg’s virtual world. Which begs the question of what will be built there.

5 APRIL 2022


Time to Appoint a ‘Minister of Web3’, Says NFT Policy-making Group of Japanese MPs

The ruling Japanese political party’s new non-fungible token (NFT) task force has recommended that the government appoints a “Web 3.0 minister.”

3 APRIL 2022


Dogecoin Founder Gives Shiba Inu Metaverse A Thumbs Down

Meme project Shiba Inu recently announced the launch of its metaverse project titled SHIB: The Metaverse. It has been a long-awaited step for the digital asset but not everyone is pleased with what the project has been doing. One of those is Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, who has taken to Twitter to express his displeasure with the move being made by the meme coin creators.

2 APRIL 2022


The Crypto Scam Bystander: A Glimpse At Facebook’s Metaverse

Two crypto scam-related lawsuits stack up on top of Meta’s (Facebook’s new name) large pile. The allegations and the company’s reactions serve well to form an opinion about a possibly disastrous metaverse of our future.

1 APRIL 2022


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