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Hacker steals $3.3 million using Profanity’s vanity Ethereum addresses

Since the crypto industry expanded its growth, it has become the favorite place for hackers to commit exploits. The Ethereum vanity addresses generated via the Profanity tool have now become the latest loophole to dupe millions of crypto users.



Increasing Crypto Crimes Forced Australia To Set Up Dedicated Police Unit

Crypto crimes have become a primary concern since digital assets grew up in recent years. Seeing the current market volatility and risks involved in cryptocurrencies, U.S. Fed has adopted a hawkish approach to fighting market inflation. On the other hand, Australia is attempting to deal with the issue by setting up a crypto-focused police unit.



Binance identifies KyberSwap hack suspects, involves law enforcement

Based on an independent investigation, Binance’s security team identified two suspects that may be responsible for orchestrating the virtual heist of $265,000 on KyberSwap.



Crypto mining malware impersonates Google translate desktop, other legitimate apps

Cyber threat intelligence firm, Check Point Research identified Nitrokod as a crypto miner malware that has infected thousands of PCs across 11 countries.



3AC’s Zhu was in Bangkok, disputed liquidator’s court filing in Singapore: Report

Zhu, whose whereabouts had been unknown for weeks, delivered an affidavit that disputed Teneo claims and elucidated the internal structure of the failed hedge fund.

27 AUGUST 2022


8 sneaky crypto scams on Twitter right now

A 19-part thread outlines the sophisticated strategies scammers are using to part crypto users from their funds.

22 AUGUST 2022


Crypto scams fall 65% after gullible noobs exit the market: Chainalysis

Less gullible retail investors and falling asset prices have made scamming a less enticing endeavor, but the tsunami of new DeFi applications has hackers licking their lips.

17 AUGUST 2022


Billionaire Mark Cuban Sued for Allegedly Promoting a Massive Crypto 'Ponzi Scheme'

Shark Tank star and the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, is facing a class action lawsuit for promoting Voyager Digital’s crypto products. The plaintiffs claim that Voyager was “a massive Ponzi scheme” and Cuban “duped millions of Americans into investing.”

14 AUGUST 2022


Vinnik to Be ‘Hostage’ in US Amid Russia’s War in Ukraine, Greek Lawyer Says

If extradited to the United States, crypto exchange BTC-e’s alleged operator Alexander Vinnik will become a “hostage” due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, according to his Greek lawyer. France is likely to send the Russian back to Greece soon and Zoe Konstantopoulou is trying to prevent his subsequent transfer to U.S. custody.

1 AUGUST 2022


‘Cryptojacking’ rises 30% to record highs despite crypto slump: Report

Cryptojacking has become a lucrative choice for cybercriminals as many victims are unaware they have been compromised.

27 JULY 2022


23 Terabytes Of Chinese Citizen’s Personal Data Available For Just 10 Bitcoins

A computer hacker going by the name of ChinaDan has managed to steal the personal data of around a billion Chinese citizens and has put it up for sale on the dark web for the price of 10 bitcoins.

25 JULY 2022


FBI Raises Alarm On Crypto Cyber Fraud, Says $42.7 Million Lost Since December

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a consumer alert last month regarding the growing risk of crypto frauds. The FBI is now adding its voice to the chorus by issuing its own warning.

20 JULY 2022


Exploit Forces Crema Finance to Temporarily Suspend Services, $8.7 Million Stolen

According to the decentralized finance (defi) protocol Crema Finance, the application was hacked on July 2, 2022. A Twitter account called “Solanafm” says the defi protocol lost around $8.7 million from the attack.

4 JULY 2022


Dogecoin gaining popularity for illegal activities, Elliptic report says

Elliptic revealed that there have been several instances where the popular meme coin have been used by bad actors for their gain.

24 JUNE 2022


Another Report Confirms That Criminal Behavior Keeps ‘Dropping as a Percentage of Overall Crypto Activity’

Global politicians’ claims that crypto is the criminal world’s currency of choice may be wide of the mark, another report reitarates.

14 JUNE 2022


Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord server breached causing 200 ETH, 32 NFTs in losses

The BAYC Community Manager has reportedly had his Discord account breached resulting in scam giveaways being posted on the official BAYC Discord.

5 JUNE 2022


Scammers Have Stolen Over $1,000,000,000 in Crypto Assets Since Start of 2021: U.S. Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is laying out the scope and methods used by crypto fraudsters to rack up a billion dollars in illicit gains.

4 JUNE 2022


Mystery South Korean Company that ‘Worked on Terra Network’ Faces Media Scrutiny

South Korean media outlets say they have unearthed evidence that a blockchain firm based in Seoul has a close relationship with Terraform Labs – and may have been developing for the Terra network under the radar. But the plot may already have thickened – with allegations that the National Tax Service (NTS) found evidence of a “suspicious flow of transactions” between the firm and Terraform Labs when it investigated the firms last year.

31 MAY 2022


Arthur Hayes to serve 2-year probation owning up to BitMEX’s AML mishap

Despite the imminent possibility of serving jail time, proactively owning up to the allegations resulted in Hayes being sentenced to six months of house arrest and two years of probation.

21 MAY 2022


Chinese Authorities Prosecute Alleged Masterminds Behind MDC Pyramid Scheme

Chinese authorities in Rong County recently said they have prosecuted eight individuals accused of being the masterminds behind the Magic Data Chain (MDC) pyramid scheme. The pyramid is thought to have handled transactions with a total value of over $147 million.

18 MAY 2022


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