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Сryptocurrency exchange Fcoin - news and events



Commission: 0.1 %

Number of traded pairs: 175

Daily Volume: 1242911009


The exchange was founded in May 2018. It is built on the fee-mining algorithm - a method based on the distribution of tokens as a reward for trading.

Rewards stimulate trade, provide a reduction in the cost of trading. Domestic coins of the exchange can go to pay commissions or be saved by the trader with the hope of subsequently selling them more expensive.

The founder of the exchange is Zhang Jian, a former technical director of Huobi and the author of the book Blockchain: Defining the Future Financial and Economic Landscape. The new economic model of Trans-Fee Mining is the main advantage of this site. Traders are rewarded by making deals, which contributes to the stimulation and new influx of users. The multilingual interface attracts users not only from Asia, from where the exchange itself, but also from English-speaking clients.