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Сryptocurrency exchange BiBox - news and events

Сryptocurrency exchange BiBox


Commission: 0.1%

Number of traded pairs: 208

Daily Volume: 803886061


Young, but actively gaining popularity cryptocurrency exchange. In its structure and interface is very similar to Binance. Like its “senior brother”, Bibox has its own token - Bibox Token (BIX), which serves to reduce trade commissions by half.

The exchange positions itself as a centralized trading platform enhanced by artificial intelligence.
The development of the trading platform was carried out by a team of blockchain-specialists from China, who had previously participated in the creation of such exchanges as OkCoin and Huobi. The site is developing well, the number of users is growing rapidly. However, the feature of her work, namely the AI, which is involved in the auction, has not yet been disclosed by the team.